Game Economy

Valorous Dominions Commodity and Reputation Economy

House Reputation and Commodity Economy

Gain 1 Commodity each through successful skill check of Head of House and Secondary Administrator.

Gain 1 Debt for each failed skill check.

Spend Commodities to gain house Additions.

Spend Commodities to throw Events.

Gain House Valor to raise overall standing.
Host events to gain House Valor and Personal Valor.
Attend events to gain Personal Valor.
At Events, impress or interact with personages to gain Personal Valor.
House acts on a Vindicti to gain House Valor.

Spend Personal Valor to improve personal skills.
House Additions add to their related skill for House Members.

Create Commodity
Head of Household successful roll of related skill once per month gains +1 of House associated commodity. Failure results in 1 Debt.
Secondary Administrator successful roll of commodity specific skill once per month gains +1 of the specified commodity. Failure results in 1 Debt.

+Set secondary objective

Earn Commodity
20 House Valor can buy 1 Commodity of any type.

Trade for Commodity
Heads of Houses may trade Commodities. These trades can include other services and agreements.

Commands for Trade

Spend Commodities
1 each of the 4 out of 5 commodity types will purchase a House Addition which grants a skill bonus to members of the house. Each addition has a cost of a specific set of 4 commodities.

Earn House Valor
Vindicti can gain up to 40 Valor a month.

Events can earn 10 House Valor, as well as personal Valor for guests and hosts. The presence of appropriate important personages, if sufficiently handled, can raise an additional 5 house Valor. Interacting with these personages can earn 5 Personal Valor.
Events cost 1 Commodity to host.
Events must be open to all Houses, save those in a current Vindicti with the host House. If PCs are OOC unable to make it, or ICly can't or won't attend, it is assumed that appropriate representatives of each House will be present.
Hosting House and guest PCs may be considered present IC if the player cannot be there OOCly, but they do not earn Personal Valor unless actively roleplaying in the event scenes.

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