The Game Side of Valorous Dominion

Our primary focus is on role-playing. There are, however, a few game elements in play to offer a sense of fair play.

Each character is built using the rules from King Arthur Pendragon. We recommend visiting Greg Stafford's original Pendragon website, it contains a lot of useful tools and information. Greg is the creator of this game that, even after thirty years and five editions, has changed relatively little in overall concept and mechanics. Another great resources for general information is Greg's newer page, The Stafford Codex, it contains other games of note and information with a section for King Arthur Pendragon.

We are using 5.1 edition core rules and parts of the Book of Knights & Ladies. Both are available from Nocturnal Media through popular sights such as Drive Thru RPG. While available as PDF's, the printed versions are quality books. Pendragon core and supplements have always been quality products with more content then most other RPGs; the current core rules is well over 220 pages and each contains information relevant to the game.

Note that the KAP rules only relate to characters personally. We are not using rules for manors but instead are introducing our own system to manage house economics, politics and reputation. These are inspired heavily on the work of Ganymede @MSB and her political system in process for Dark Ages Vampire 2E.

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