Districts of Matoran Republic



Family Name Political/Religious Affiliation Active PCs:
Albrici Caroligio Nicolo (HoH), Cesare, Alessandro, Giuliana, Rafiano, Valentina
Arbore Sacario Hanno, Elizabetta, Livino(HoH), Rossana
Capello Caroligio Amadea (HoH),Baldessare, Amanda, Tizania, Antonella, Beatrice, Livia, Morosina
Farro Sacario Vittore (HoH), Corso,Cosette,Marsilia, Orazio
Fiscella Caroligio Giorgina Federico
Ganza Sacario Carel,Matilde
Gaspari Caroligio Cosimo (HoH), Aldo, Benedicte, Garden, Isabella, Izar, Lorenzo, Salvatore
Necchi Caroligio Vittorio (HoH), Chiara, Imogen (Heir), Gisella, Ginevra (Pending), Ursula (Roster)
Sabastino Sacario Cristofano, Enzo (HoH), Arabella, Alvise, Zayna, Joana
Zanetti Sacario Gurian (HoH), Emmeline, Tomaso

PLEASE - Do NOT fill houses with NPCs named or otherwise. Leave this open for expansion and other players to join such as siblings, cousins, etc.
Also, please don't write into background that you are the sole remaining survivor. We'd like for new applicants to be able to join houses and to fill them all out with characters.

NOTE: Houses are meant to be developed by the HoH of each house/family. Please don't develop it unless you are officially the HoH. This is pertaining to the wiki page, motto's , crests, colors, etc.

Political Affiliations:

There are two primary groups that dominate politics. It comes down to faith. One either supports the Paragons of the Three Divinities or one supports the Divine Empire. Those who support the Reverends of the Three Divinities are known as Sacario while those who support the Emperor are the Caraligio. While there is this divide and political decision tend to favor one's standpoint, the nobles of Matora are strongly united in the common good of their city just the same. They may squabble and fight, but like siblings, anyone outside the family is a common enemy.

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