Combat on Valorious Dominion is by consent.

On game, it only takes one command (+check/attack NAME) to validate attack rolls, check for modifiers, and output damage to the loser in a combat round. Thus, both parties should be aware and at least agree that its come down to making a check (roll) against one another in this fashion.

No one should be blindsided when the combat system is used, but, That being said, non-consent is not an opt-out for trying to avoid consequence. If a char draws a sword ready to slice someone and their char poses a no thanks, this doesn't stop the sword from swinging. If two players cannot work out whether combat is invoked and someone is taking potential damage, or there is simple disagreement, they are welcome to contact staff. Consent simply means both parties should be aware combat is about to happen, no blind attacks at random, and any potential to avoid it has eroded away to the point of physical conflict.


Please be aware there are a few factors that can be set/altered at anytime. These have direct effect on combat only.

Using '+set' while IC, one can set the following options: armor, weapon, mount, and stance.

Combat Display

+combat - show everyone in the room and what they have set, to assure everyone is ready.


+set armor=type - sets armor if allowable
+armor - shows all available armors
+remove armor - returns armor to blank


+set weapon=type - sets weapon if allowable
+weapons - shows all available weapons
+unwield weapon - returns weapon to blank


+set shield - sets shield if allowable (this is a y/n value on the display)
+remove shield - returns shield to blank


+set mount=type - sets mount if allowable
+mount - shows all available mounts
+dismount - returns mount to blank


+set stance=type - sets stance if allowable
+stance - shows all types of stances
+clear stance - returns stance to blank


Its one simple command:

  • '+check/attack NAME' - resolve attacks between players

This will figure all modifiers as outlined in the commands above as well as include any passion modifiers. It both players agree to conflict, it is up to them to assure they are set and ready to either player to run this command. Only one player needs to issue this command. It will output damage as well based on armor reduction, calculate for knockdown as necessary (and set this stance), and it will indicate weapon drops and breakage if applicable.

  • '+check/attack NPC' - to attack a stated NPC

Same as attacking a player, but will generate output based on standard and non-standard NPC stats. These will be supplied by staff, who will provide a list of all available NPCs for use.

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