What is this About?

Valorous Dominion is a role-playing game in a fictitious setting based on our world's history. Specifically, it is an alternative view of the 14th Century in northern Italy. A time of warring city states and the rise of the Maritime Republics. This is roughly the end of the High Middle Ages and the launch of the Renaissance in Italy. The rise of wealth in Northern Italy combined with the increase in education and arts of this period is sometimes referred to as the Pre-Renaissance.

There are, incorporated, fantasy elements not dissimilar to what may have been believed in the time period but made real on Valorous Dominion.


Quite a bit of time was spent working on this theme and it isn't meant to follow the letter of any real history at any time period. This wasn't meant to be a historical game, but an original themed alternate version with more fantasy, different names and a different timeline. While we hope you enjoy the theme, we recognize it may not be for everyone and what we don't ask for is harsh criticism of deviations, and what we do ask for is respect for the creator and what was accomplished here. Please do have fun

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